"PinBot" is one of the best platforms where you build Chatbot channels to make your brand talk and sell to customers through real-time messaging.

With PinBot you create bots that open automated sales, customer service, scheduling or any other type of relationship channels.

PinBot is an artificial intelligence platform that interprets customers input or behavior and produces feedbacks in form
of text messages, Images, GIFs, Audios or Videos during the chats conversation.

PinBot works with pre-defined actions and menus provided by your company, it serves and talks to your consumers 24/7.


Button & NLP response capturing

Keeping in mind the ease of your customers, the PinBot takes button based responses and under stands the requirement through NLP leading to least efforts being put in by your customers.

Send Video/Audio & Image/GIF

Respond with a video, an image, gif, audio, everything with your customers. Compatible enough to add value to your brand.

Dynamic Webhook Integration

Intergrated in a manner where it can use your custom response as feedback to your customers distinctively via HTTP API as well segregate user data into your custom applications

OTP Authentication

Verify your customers with an OTP. This authentication level helps you know that the customer is genuine.

Multi-lingual Support

Supports Multi-lingual conversations. Run MultiLinguistic campaigns to connect audience in their language and give them aquality experience

Detailed Reports & Analytics

Anytime, anywhere you have access to the chatlog that your bot has had unti ldate. Expedient Analytics and Dashboards helps to measure customer response and behaviour

Other channel integration

Integrate and engage target audience on various channel like Facebook messenger, SMS, Web

Ready for business

It’s a fast and reliable technology platform, always. Helps  businesses to move towards high ROI

Endless Possibilities

Pinbot allows companies to customize the way they display or present their products. Consumers can also receive notifications on arrival of new product or events.


Genuine lead generations

Leads captured are genuine and real-time, as it is initiated by the consumer

No need to download

Interaction via a chat interface, no need to download, Install, or upgrade. A whole new way for consumers to engage.

Enhanced user interaction

Highly interactive and programmable medium, that helps to bridge the communication gap between you and your audience.

New and exciting trend

It’s an online virtual assistant that can answer questions, helps consumer make transactions in a conversational way.

Acquire and cater larger audience

By 2019, nearly 8 of 10 customer interacting online will be handled by a machine. Your chatbot understands industry terms and abbreviations

All ways –on

It’s trusted and reliable, always accurate. It works and serves your consumers without fail, all 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Saves time and money

Automated response and support flows reduces the efforts in sales and customer support. Our bots are making the lives of humans easy.

Flexible and Scalable

Dynamically scalable to handle huge transactions to a much larger audience with the ability to escalate a situation to a human agent when required

Personalisation at the center

We promote designs that power a personalized conversational tree. Helps in acquiring and tracking consumer behavior.



Health Care





Media Agencies




Real Estate


and Many more..

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We take our partners on priority. We assign an account manager to work hand in hand to ensure you offer the best possible bot.

Rich features

We empower our partners with all possible features to their clients, no restrictions. You decide on the experience you want to deliver.

Universal messaging

Enable your customers to reach anyone, on any phone, anywhere in the world. That is the power of Pinbot

Our agile technology consultants are active 24 x 7 serving 6000 + active clients. Our identity embodies our promise to keep our clients at the center of everything we do
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